Hop Water

Introducing Hop Water – a refreshing, non-alcoholic fusion of hops and water. Breweries are seizing the opportunity to diversify their non-alcoholic offerings due to the straightforward and rapid production process of hop water.

In contrast to traditional non-alcoholic beers, some companies prefer not to categorise hop water within this genre. Crafting a non-alcoholic beer typically involves alcohol removal or halting the fermentation process, often resulting in a diluted or incomplete flavour profile. Hop water, however, provides a distinctive alternative by delivering a complete and robust taste without the presence of alcohol.

The end result is a beverage that showcases the essence of hops, offering a full-bodied flavour and occasionally mimicking the effervescence of seltzer. Breweries are embracing hop water as a creative avenue to cater to those seeking a non-alcoholic option that transcends the limitations often associated with traditional non-alcoholic beers.

Northern Monk – Holy Hop Water
Showcasing the hop Citra, this drink has added mango, to give an even juicier, hoppier, can of refreshment.

Abbeydale – Sparking Hop Water
Contains the finest Yorkshire water, infused with Mosaic Hops and lightly carbonated. Its bursting with notes of guava, grapefruit and mango with an underlying character of fresh cut grass. (Also available in Nelson Sauvin)

Track Brewery – Hop Infused Sparking Water
Hailing from Manchester, this modern craft brewery dipped their toe into this market with water infused with the iconic Citra hop.

Available from breweries web shops directly or from independent bottle shops.

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