Curated Beer Nights

We are really excited to partner again with our friends at Beer Trap, Belper to put on another hosted curated beer night. This time, with a twist…. you won’t know what beers you are drinking, until the reveal at the end. We want to explore if tasting a beer knowing the prominence, assists in picking out certain flavours, as well as influencing if we like the beer or not. Expect there to be a curve ball beer put into the mix too. To register your interest visit the Beer Trap in Belper, or contact them via social media @beertrapbelper.

Exciting news, beer lovers! The Belper Beer Club is proud to announce our new curated beer nights. Four times a year, we will be sourcing a selection of unique and delicious beers from a variety of breweries. We work directly with the breweries to provide interesting and informative content about the beers and the brewing process, giving attendees an exclusive and in-depth look into the world of craft beer.

Our curated beer nights will feature a diverse range of styles, from classic lagers and ales to experimental sours and barrel-aged creations. We’ll be showcasing beers from local breweries as well as those from further afield, providing a truly global beer experience. Our events will be held in a relaxed and intimate setting at the Beer Trap, allowing everyone to truly savour and appreciate each beer.

We’re excited to share some incredible beers with you and give you the chance to try something new and exciting. Keep an eye on our website and social media for updates on our upcoming curated beer nights, and we’ll see you soon for a pint (or two!) of the good stuff. Cheers!